Embroidery is the art of recreating an image in threads. Your design is re-interpreted through a process known as "digitizing" so that our machines can understand what stitch patterns and thread colours to lay down in order to build up a finished piece.

We offer our services whether it's a one off or bulk order. Bulk order discount*


Customers are free to choose what colour thread they would like.


Email: Personalizemeuk@yahoo.co.uk

Vinly Printing

Vinyl printing can be used for creating simple designs such as large text, numbers or basic graphic designs. The designs are cut from solid vinyl colours and the pressed into your garment at high temperature to fix them permanently in place.

Other Services


*Emoji Monogramming


*Interior embroidery -Bedding,cushions& upholstery

Transfer Printing 

Transfer printing is similar to vinyl printing, the difference being your design is first printed onto plain white vinyl, allowing for more colourful designs, gradient prints and photographs to be produced prior to being cut and applied.

For more information on any of the following services or to ask questions about services that may not appear on this page or turn around times please send an email to personalizemeuk@yahoo.co.uk and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.